Connect Prophet 21 to Prokeep for even more time savings

Prokeep is proud to announce our latest integration with Epicor’s Prophet 21, through which we’ve built the brand new - P21 Contact Sync Integration. 

This integration will scan for new or updated contacts within Prophet 21 and automatically enter them into Prokeep; saving you time and centralizing information. 

What information is synced with the integration?

Once connected, your Prophet 21 and Prokeep systems will run a data sync every 15 minutes, cross-pollinating all data so your records remain clean and consistent. When a sync occurs, the integration will:

  • Check for new or updated contacts within Prophet 21
  • Send these contacts to Prokeep and enter them
  • Enter company information along with these contacts
  • Scan Prokeep for any contacts that are unaccounted for
  • Return these contacts to Prophet 21 and enter them there

Set up your integration

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